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Leading Surveys offer all of our services across a range of industries and sectors.

Boundary Surveys & Subdivisions

Leading Surveys provides a diverse range of cadastral surveying services. 
Our property boundary survey services include:

  • Lease surveys

  • Identification surveys

  • Land subdivisions and Reconfiguration of Lot (ROL) surveys.

  • Easement surveys

  • Pre-design surveys

Projects that may require these services include: 

  • New Builds

  • Subdivisions

  • Renovations

Image by Scott Graham

Contour & Detail Surveys

Providing accurate representation of the shape, levels, vegetation features and services for land.


Contour & Detail Surveys can be utilised across a range of sectors including residential, commercial, civil & infrastructure.

These surveys are used to locate existing structures, dwellings, floor levels, adjoining building positions, ridge heights, landscaping, fences and visible services.

Additional services also include pipe and cable location pick up after tracing has been completed.

Water Treatment Plant.JPG

Construction & Engineering Surveys

At Leading Surveys, we understand that every project is unique and will present its own challenges.

All of our Surveyors have great experience with adapting and improvising to the conditions to ensure the standard of outputs are at a high level of accuracy to deliver to the project needs.

Each of our projects is overseen by a Senior Surveyor to ensure that standards are maintained throughout the project delivery.


Leading Surveys has the latest 3D Spatial surveying technology with the use of RTK Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or commonly known as a drone.


By using RTK UAVs we provide a minimal risk of exposure to vehicle and plant movements by delivering more results from the air.


Additional advantages include accessing site with difficult terrain such as quarries, mines, stockpiles, large infrastructure projects and sites where conventional surveying may be unsafe.

UAV services include:

  • Volume Reporting

  • Contour and Detail Digital Terrain Modelling Surveys for Detailed Design

  • High Res Videos & Time Lapse Imagery

  • Vegetation mapping

RTK Drone Flight.JPG

Scanning & Modelling

Leading Surveys offers complete 3D laser scanning services for the safe and efficient collection of 3D data, with extensive detail and accuracy.


An additional advantage is the 360 degree image of each scan location to compliment aid visualisation. The data collected can then be used to construct digital 3D models.

Projects where scanning is beneficial include:

  • Residential New Construction, Remodelling & Renovations

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Underground services

  • Sub-Stations

  • Roads and Bridges

  • Machinery

  • Stockpiles

Hands on Computer Keyboard

Machine Control

Leading Surveys has vast experience with Trimble and Topcon Machine control. We have the skills and software to produce working models to be loaded into your project’s machines including graders, excavators, bulldozers etc.


We can establish and maintain control and site calibrations for new and existing projects to ensure accurate and reliable machine control throughout the project life.

We can also facilitate the installation of machine guidance system on new or existing machinery if required.

Image by Shane McLendon
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